A cancer and a cancer compatibility


This is true! But sometimes, the cancer man can be selfish. Only thinking of himself. Cancer-cancer relationship can work if both people are ready to love each other regardless and willing to forgive any wrong doing. Hey, I am a cancer women married to a sagittarius man. I love him dearly and have about 99 pecent of what any women would want. Home car etc, but I am often left to be lonly and blue. There is no spark in our relationship, no passion. I cry and get really mad. We do the same dance as always and then we get over it and begain a gain. I would prefer to spend time with him.

He is a kind and good man I love him very much. I too was married to Sag and he was everything any women would want as far as being a provider and being faithful.

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility

However, he was not affectionate at all!!!!! I am a Cancer woman with a Cancer man…. Same birthday even for going on 17 years. We had a baby girl, 15 years ago today as a matter a fact. She is amazing and has a good heart. My Cancer man is very manly and also loyal.

Venus enters Sagittarius

Being loyal is simply rare to find. I personally think relationships is the hardest hurdle in life and keeping it together is even harder. I just want to say that no matter what their is pros and cons in every relationship. Their is not one that will be perfect period. No one is perfect. But if you are lucky to come across one that happens to be special or different from the rest, then be thankful cause you are blessed to be able to have that expieriance that some never get.

And try to give it your all. I honestly would love a cancer man to be as you described. That does not mean all cancer men are like this I have met some good ones but, seeing how I am a cancer myself I know how difficult they are. Either way I love all the zodiacs. We even share the same birthday. Your email address will not be published.

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Oxygen July 23rd, Like 0. June October 4th, Telly July 12th, Telly pruitt July 25th, Desiree May 30th, Julie September 17th, Loo October 26th, Ek is verlief op n cancer man en ek is n cancer girl…ons het al 3 jaar wat ons saam tyd spandeer en ek het lief vur hom geword… hy is als wat ek wil he… maar hy is getroud Like 0. Nikki October 12th, We are taking it slow but it sure feels good;D Like 0.

Seveneleven September 11th, Vizo July 9th, Im a cancer man in love with a cancer woman. Im planning to give a try.. I am a cancer woman.. Bill July 4th, Niasia July 1st, Good luck guys Like 0. Lena June 20th, Bettie June 13th, Amber May 17th, Telly pruitt July 12th, Kalina February 6th, Jenn April 12th, Same exact thing happened to me. Was wonderful one day, then shut completely out the next. Damien June 24th, Poor baby.. MoonMoneyMonotony November 1st, Doublecancer July 18th, TammimB January 8th, Aly October 1st, TeaRose0 September 24th, Like 2.

Pri October 20th, Cancer has emotional ups and downs, while Leo is fairly constant emotionally. You are both very protective, loyal, and warm toward one another. Both of you have the emotional habits of worry, anxiety, and over-concern about loved ones or life in general. You are both caring and supportive, but you express this in different ways. Cancer is more emotional, compassionate and tender, and appears more sympathetic than Virgo, who wants to help but may seem unemotional and critical at the same time.

Virgo is fastidious and particular about food, health, and personal habits, and can be very fussy about order, tidiness, cleanliness, proper behavior, etc. Because harmony in your personal life is so important to both of you, you go out of your way to try to make one another comfortable and at ease.

Both of you, in fact, feel very threatened by interpersonal conflict and you sometimes avoid confronting the more thorny problems or underlying differences in your emotional natures, however. Cancer wants and needs security, reassurance, a home, a sense of belonging, close family ties.

Cancer Sexual Compatibility: Intuitive and Nurturing in Bed

Cancer needs to be needed, is inclined to smother loved ones, and may be more of a mother or father than lover to Libra. Libra, on the other hand, wants a romantic partner more than a parent. So differences may arise regarding loyalties to family Cancer versus giving time and attention to the two of you as a couple Libra. The two of you can become very, very close, intensely bonded to one another, for you both need and seek a very complete emotional union with your partner. When you want something or care about something or someone, both of you are very emotional and often lose all objectivity.

For the most part you are quite compatible, but there are some differences.

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Scorpio is more passionate, more emotionally driven, and has very strong loves, hates, and emotional reactions to people and situations though these feelings may be hidden. Scorpio can be very vindictive when hurt or angry. Cancer wants and needs a very sympathetic, nurturing, non-competitive and peaceful atmosphere. Your emotional needs and temperaments are quite different, and this creates frustration for both of you, or at least discomfort at times. Cancer is inwardly tender and sympathetic, and has a great yearning for closeness, and a sense of belonging or security.

A very sensitive and feeling person, Cancer can be quite moody. Sagittarius may try to intellectualize or philosophize Cancer out of feeling moody. But in either case, Cancer ends up feeling misunderstood or simply not accepted. Also, Cancer has a strong concern with, and attachment to, the past, while Sagittarius is forward-looking and concerned more with the future.

Cancer is domestic and needs a strong, secure home base, while Sagittarius yearns for the new and unfamiliar. Furthermore, Sagittarius is naturally quite candid, frank, and rather tactless. Your instinctive emotional responses and your temperaments are very different and, in fact, quite opposite much of the time.

Cancer is emotional, tender, sentimental, easily swayed by moods and appeals to sympathy. Caring and closeness are of primary importance to Cancer. Capricorn is as committed and loyal in relationship as Cancer is, but Capricorn is uncomfortable feeling or expressing softness, neediness, vulnerability, and emotion in general. Capricorn has a certain crustiness and emotional distance, which seems cool or cold at times.

Personal emotional needs are often ignored or put aside in favor of work, practical responsibilities and duties. Highly demanding of self and others, Capricorn often neglects the playful, feeling, childlike side of life. Secretly, however, Capricorn needs tenderness as much as anyone, though admitting that and asking to be held or comforted is very hard for Capricorn to do. Both of you have a strong concern for people, but while Cancer is very personal and responds mostly to family or to people in the immediate environment, Aquarius has broader concerns, more universal sympathies, and an interest in human welfare in general.

The two of you are quite different in other respects also. Cancer is sentimental and emotionally attached to the past, to familiar places and people, and to the safety, security, and comfort of the known. Aquarius, on the other hand, craves newness and excitement, and is rebellious or at least indifferent to convention and the traditions of the past. While their relationship is new and everything is exciting, they will both share their ideas on things they could do together, probably things from their individual routines.

a cancer and a cancer compatibility A cancer and a cancer compatibility
a cancer and a cancer compatibility A cancer and a cancer compatibility
a cancer and a cancer compatibility A cancer and a cancer compatibility
a cancer and a cancer compatibility A cancer and a cancer compatibility
a cancer and a cancer compatibility A cancer and a cancer compatibility
a cancer and a cancer compatibility A cancer and a cancer compatibility
a cancer and a cancer compatibility A cancer and a cancer compatibility
a cancer and a cancer compatibility A cancer and a cancer compatibility

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