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How does shloka Mehta help in Luck for akash ambani? Who is akash ambani. Toggle navigation. About this article?

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This article talks at length and looks at astrological causes in the horoscope of Mukesh Ambani ji, on what made him achieve so much, his education at Stanford and then break, about his father sri Dhirubhai Ambani ji his luck in telecommunication industry of 4G and petroleum and yes many other things about him. It then explores the horoscopes of his son Akash Ambani and his wife Shloka Mehta.

The basic Love compatibility analysis is done and then the General predictions are made for the couple.

Astrological Analysis About Anil Dhirubhai Ambani

The past life or reincarnation is also evaluated for Akash Ambani to see the current connection with Mukesh Ambani ji. Saturn or shani is lord of public image the 4th house and the 3rd house of initiatives for Mukesh Ambani ji. It is the lord of the house of relationships and also the 12th house Vyaya or travel. But Venus the 12th house lord in the 6th bhava for a Rajyog and gives good gains to Mukesh Ambani and also success in luxury matters.

Venus is a planet of prosperity and the physical body gets blessed. But at the same time as 6th bhava is negative Litigation could trouble him. It is ruled by Saturn or shani dev the lord of obstacles :. Then what caused the trouble in education for Mukesh ambani ji? Note Saturn is a natural malefic and causes obstacles. Jupiter gives him constant learning and Humility. Its dispositer is Jupiter or Guru. Venus the lord of 12th house is there. Note that 11th Bhava or house lord is mercury sitting in this 6 th bhava or house so gains also from litigations and hospitals is there for Mukesh Ambani.

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She shloka Mehta is the daughter of the diamond magnate Russel Mehta. She is generally a low profile person. She shloka Mehta has been a good student at her school and is also has a keen interest in social work. She is the co-founder of ConnectFor, She shloka Mehta helps the volunteers who want to help in certain fields with there innovations and efforts to reach out to certain on governmental organization or NGOs.


Shloka Mehta is around 5 foot 6 inches tall and keeps fit by Yoga and weighs around kg Birth details shloka Mehta Shloka Mehta was born on 11th July in Mumbai What makes akash ambani and shloka Mehta click together- compatibility and Love- based on Vedic astrology? So despite his ambitions in this lifetime- he will get into dharma or spirituality deeply sooner or later.

So both his Lagna and moon are very sensitive signs and give him a sensitive, friendly and benevolent nature. That is friendly and positive, but may be less confident at times in making or taking decisions based on his horoscope.

The common element in them is helping for people, helping the society or working for people, this is the common destiny element amongst them. Akash would love to have a beautiful harmonious home and be sensitive, so is shloka Mehta caring and yes very sensitive. This is what Akash needs to take care of. Also Sun the lord of Leo is in lagnam and is a friend to Jupiter.

This highly beneficial aspect lifted him to meterioc hights of riches and prosperity and made him a multi-billionaire during the main period of Jupiter — Mars period Dec to Dec began to lift him in life and paved path to his prosperity, success and glory. This beneficial conjunction in a highly benefical house made him a world-famous business tycoon and highly rich and successful in business.

Saturn is debilitated in nava-amsa, but a malefic planet in debilitatin gives beneficial results. So he died during the main period of Saturn.

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Did astrological factors have a play in how he was saved by his brother?

Part Typical Horoscope Analysis. Part Smt. Aiswarya Rai Bachan. I earned a Ph.

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Degree all three examiners were U. I published many research articles and Ph. I got all-India awards for my books. I have been practising Vedic astrology for the past 48 years. I was honored with Jyothisha Vidya Praveena in I wrote 41 original books and hundreds of articles in English on various Astrology topics. I analysed over ten thousand horoscopes and published articles in my blog by Aug

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dhirubhai ambani horoscope astrology Dhirubhai ambani horoscope astrology
dhirubhai ambani horoscope astrology Dhirubhai ambani horoscope astrology
dhirubhai ambani horoscope astrology Dhirubhai ambani horoscope astrology
dhirubhai ambani horoscope astrology Dhirubhai ambani horoscope astrology
dhirubhai ambani horoscope astrology Dhirubhai ambani horoscope astrology

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