February 15 leo daily horoscope

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Are you eating as well as you could be? Is your home a comfortable retreat, a place where you share kindness and closeness with friends and family? If either of these areas of your life needs work, make a positive change now. You're good at taking small but important steps toward self-improvement. Your feelings go up and down today. One minute you're feeling fine, but the next, you're remembering an old flame or a beloved relative, and emotion washes over you like a wave.

Worries about money or your future could also crowd in, making for a confusing situation, to say the least.

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But you can get a handle on your emotions simply by talking them out or writing them down. Instead of going through your day with a scowl on your face, make a conscious effort to improve your mood. There are many ways to do this: If you're concerned about your finances, revisit your budget and come up with a savings plan. If it's relationship worries that are getting you down, talk them over with a friend or your partner. Gain perspective from other people who care about you. Otherwise, you'll get caught up in emotional dramas that make you feel very uncomfortable.

Leo Weekly Astrology Horoscope 15th July 2019

It may seem as if everyone is being overly dramatic, but you're having some insecure feelings, yourself, and they're making you act in uncharacteristic ways. Maybe if you focus on the root of the issue -- what's worrying you -- you'll feel more in control of things.

Your daily horoscope: February 15

It's a good day for connecting with people you love and trust. If you're feeling like a bit of a homebody, invite friends and family over to enjoy good food and company at your place. Everyone else is in the mood to connect, too. You'll have a wonderful time laughing over old memories. Best of all, in joining together today, you're creating yet another precious memory to store in your heart.

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An emotional scene makes you uncomfortable today. Your first instinct is to ignore it, or shut down and withdraw. Why should you deal with such an irrational person or situation? There's a good answer for that: Because it's part of life. Sometimes, relationships hit sticky patches. People are emotional beings -- even you, Aquarius. Be grateful you can feel things so deeply. Revel in the feeling connections you share with other people. You're sensitive to subtle vibrations -- you're aware when your friend's mood changes from upbeat to pessimistic, for example, or your spouse is worried about something.

It's easy for you to absorb these emotions and feel them as if they're your own, which is both a gift and a burden. Focus today on connecting lovingly with other people but also maintaining a personal boundary so that you don't have to soak up their feelings like a sponge.

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Your business acumen is getting sharper, so take your own advice seriously. Remember, balance is your power word this week. If and when you start to get obsessed with material possessions, recenter. Quality time with your family and loved ones promises to bring out the best in you. How do you feel about your inner circle?

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In the coming days, you will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals whose journey is similar to your own. Be open to forming new connections, Taurus. The capacity to turn pain into power. Release the suppressed emotions, free yourself from the excess baggage and re-approach your game plan once you are in a clearer headspace.

PS: Mission World Domination looks good on you.


Old wounds are being reopened. Cancer, this is a particularly challenging time for you. Let go of the need to retreat into your burrow and deal with the turbulence alone. Not everybody is likely to understand what you are going through, but there are a handful of people who promise to stand by you through hail and storm. In a world of instant gratification, be willing to put in the work. A mantra that will take you places: hustle hard.


Daily Leo Horoscope from Oscar and Jonathan Cainer Horoscopes

A good way to stay motivated is to remind yourself of the important learning you are having along the way. Make time to polish your skills, Leo, and to study the works of those you admire. Trust that you will soon be talked about for all the right reason. The thing about excess baggage is that it will always get you into trouble. For now, focus on the cleansing and purging process.

Cosmic tip: Do away with the emotional burden that does not deserve a place in the future.

Leo Daily Horoscope

Your current relationship status: dedicated to personal growth. Keep nurturing your inner temple. You are enriching your life in every way. For some, the call to live an artistic life is becoming stronger. Let go of the blocks within that are keeping you from realising your highest potential. Keep the differences aside and see how you can work things out. Setting funds aside for the future is a good habit, but what about your present? What about the smell of fresh lilies or the taste of freshly brewed coffee?

Horoscope today: February 15, 12222

Word for the wise: allow yourself to enjoy the things that bring a smile to your face. Single Sagittarians, allow yourself to be the wildest, most untamed version of yourself. Being coupled is overrated.

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February 15 leo daily horoscope

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