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Getting along with one another is not a problem, for they both bend over backward, like the polite gophers in the old cartoons , to accede to the other's wishes and needs. Neither is good at decisions, however, and this is where they run into problems. Libra is famous for her indecisive nature and prefers to play harmonizer and peacemaker. She hesitates to take the lead in any situation; she must claim her Aries gifts to gain self-determination and the ability to act decisively. Similarly, Pisces must step into the abilities of his own Earth sign, Virgo, to gain discrimination and make appropriate, timely choices.

Aries and Libra Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships - Zodiac Fire

Libra responds to set and setting in lovemaking. She needs to look her best with the right lighting and music to set the mood. For her, sex is a way to express love and commitment, and it can either feed her vanity or threaten her insecurity.

In a moment, she might go from yes to no and back again. A more earthy and decisive man might be frustrated, but Pisces simply responds. His mutable sensitivity ensures that if she is not in the mood, then neither is he.

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He needs the attunement, and pretence is futile. Sometimes a Libra woman will pretend to be in the mood to please him, but a Pisces man wilts in response, since he cannot be fooled. At those times they are in sync, magic happens. Libra's exquisitely tuned sense of harmony combined with Pisces' surrender to oceanic flow translates into rapturous bliss! Don't push the river, though, because if it is not good, it doesn't work at all. Libra woman - information and insights on the Libra woman. Libra horoscope - daily, weekly and monthly Libra horoscopes.

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Language Selection:. Stay Connected! Aries wants to initiate and be numero uno — a drive that can sometimes lead to cheating. Libra likes to be in charge of their romantic urges and sometimes affairs can be a real possibility.

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  • If Aries cheats first Libra has the capacity to forgive as they are able to separate sex from love — mentally and emotionally. They may need to have a serious talk about temptation — is it going to be an open relationship or are there prescribed checks and balances to ensure ongoing monogamy. Falling in love just feels right for these two and they are often surprised at the speed in which it happens. Both like to create big statements and creative Libra will educate Aries in the art of planning medieval dinner parties and creating suitable playlists.

    Libra Love and Compatibility Matcher

    Aries recognizes the potential for an appreciative audience and orchestrates occasions where they dazzle and shine — the ram is not above paying their mates to lose at poker just to impress the Libran in their life. In a boat with a goat.

    On a train or in a tree? Libra is one giant erogenous zone and Aries has stamina to burn.

    libra zodiac love compatibility Libra zodiac love compatibility
    libra zodiac love compatibility Libra zodiac love compatibility
    libra zodiac love compatibility Libra zodiac love compatibility
    libra zodiac love compatibility Libra zodiac love compatibility
    libra zodiac love compatibility Libra zodiac love compatibility

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