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Make a "to-do" list — you will be surprised at how much you accomplish. You will make headway in a research project. You will be patient, thorough and observant. Someone older or more experienced might advise you. You will make a fabulous impression on others, especially parents and bosses.

This being the case, do something to dazzle someone.

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A friend or older group member might have practical advice for you. Work with others to get things done. You will impress your boss with your practical suggestions. You have the patience to do things step-by-step and will not overlook details. Your mind is focused, making this a great day to study something or write a paper. A mentor or someone older and wiser might help you.

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Actor Hugh Jackman shares your birthday. You are confident, optimistic, generous and enthusiastic about life. Although you are free-spirited, you are also dependable and reliable. Expect excitement and stimulation. Get ready to act fast. Make personal freedom one of your goals this year.

Horoscope - Winnipeg Free Press

Enjoy travel opportunities and chances to expand your horizons. You can comment on most stories on The Winnipeg Free Press website. You can also agree or disagree with other comments. You will give everything your all. Do not be judgmental of coworkers and think they are slackers.

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They do not have your motivation. You will take pride in your work; and you will want credit for what you do. You are preparing for your debut; and so you will do everything you can in order to get ready.

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At times, you might feel overwhelmed. You are up to this challenge! Nevertheless, treat your body like a tool that has to be well cared for. Singles might meet someone through work or through a family member because your relationships get a wonderful, positive boost. From May to November, it will be a testing time because Mars is opposite your sign, making you annoyed with others. Remind yourself what you would lose if that person were gone? Too often we focus on the faults of others and forget the wonderful things that attracted us to them in the first place.

Everything about home and family will improve this year. Family members will be generous to each other. Buy and sell, or buy for the first time because whatever you buy will be a financial benefit. This is a great year to improve your home through renovations. You can rent something bigger and better.

Your family might expand through marriage or birth. Go do that voodoo that you do so well! This is a great day for those of you at work. A healthy and positive attitude will infuse everything you do. It will please you to learn something new. Relations with co-workers will be positive and mutually beneficial. This is the perfect day for a party, sporting event, or playful activities with children. Romance will flourish. People are in the mood to enjoy a night out.

You will love exploring the arts and all kinds of fun diversions. You are in the mood to entertain. Invite friends over for good food and drink. You might also explore a promising real-estate deal or changing neighbourhoods. You are in a positive frame of mind, making this a good day to schmooze with friends. Attend a class, club event or conference —your networking talents are on fire. Look for ways to boost your income.

Explore new business opportunities and ways to positively impact your community. Your positive outlook will rub off on others. Author Margaret Atwood shares your birthday. You are brave and perceptive. You have penetrating insight and biting wit. Rookie brings the thunder for Stars. LU has big Homecoming plans. Oct 3, National Sports. Heinola, inexperienced D lead Jets past Penguins, Solar station worthy of fanfare.

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Sep 10, Police bashing ignores reality. Jun 3, Keep dope, dopes, off the roads. May 29, Injustice sparks anger. Put all sports together in an Innova Park facility. Jul 25, Jun 26, Or at least they hope to be.

Submit a Letter to the Editor. If you're interested in submitting a Letter to the Editor, click here. Online Poll.

follow site You voted:. Neal scores 4 to lead Oilers to win over Islanders. Sharks bring back year-old Patrick Marleau for 2nd stint. Updated 2 hrs ago. Patrick Marleau is returning to San Jose.

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PM's work has shown sincere concern for minorities. Sep 22, Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down. Sep 21, Buskers put on street shows. Jul 29,

free press winnipeg horoscope Free press winnipeg horoscope
free press winnipeg horoscope Free press winnipeg horoscope
free press winnipeg horoscope Free press winnipeg horoscope
free press winnipeg horoscope Free press winnipeg horoscope
free press winnipeg horoscope Free press winnipeg horoscope
free press winnipeg horoscope Free press winnipeg horoscope
free press winnipeg horoscope Free press winnipeg horoscope
free press winnipeg horoscope Free press winnipeg horoscope
Free press winnipeg horoscope

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